libusual  0.1
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
usual/aatree.hAA-Tree - Binary tree with embeddable nodes
usual/base.hBasic C environment
usual/bits.hBit arithmetics
usual/bytemap.hMap 256 byte values to bit or int
usual/cbtree.hCrit-bit tree / binary radix tree
usual/cfparser.hConfig file parser
usual/ctype.hCtype compat
usual/cxalloc.hContext-based Memory Allocator
usual/cxextra.hExtra allocators for cxalloc
usual/daemon.hDaemonization & pidfile handling
usual/endian.hEndianess conversion, convert integers to bytes
usual/err.hError printing for command-line utilities
usual/event.hLibevent compat
usual/fileutil.hFile access utils
usual/fnmatch.hTheme include for strings
usual/getopt.hGetopt compat
usual/hashtab-impl.hSimple customizable hashtable implementation
usual/heap.hBinary heap
usual/json.hRead and write JSON
usual/list.hCircular doubly linked list
usual/logging.hLogging framework for unix services
usual/mbuf.hSafe and easy access to memory buffer
usual/mdict.hMinimal dict
usual/mempool.hSimple memory pool for variable-length allocations
usual/misc.hRandom stuff that does not fit elsewhere
usual/netdb.hDNS lookup
usual/pgsocket.hAsync Postgres connection framework
usual/pgutil.hUtility functions for PostgreSQL data formats
usual/pthread.hPthreads compat for win32
usual/regex.hPOSIX regular expession API, provided by either libc or internally
usual/safeio.hEINTR-safe I/O functions
usual/shlist.hCircular list for shared mem
usual/signal.hSignals compat
usual/slab.hSlab allocator for same-size objects
usual/socket.hSocket compat, few utils
usual/statlist.hCircular list that keep track of stats about the list
usual/string.hTheme include for strings
usual/strpool.hStorage for shared strings
usual/talloc.hTalloc - hierarchical memory allocator
usual/time.h*Time-related functionality
usual/utf8.hLow-level UTF8 handling
usual/crypto/chacha.hChaCha cipher
usual/crypto/csrandom.hCryptographically Secure Randomness
usual/crypto/digest.hCommon API for cryptographic digests
usual/crypto/entropy.hLoad entropy from OS
usual/crypto/hmac.hHMAC-SHA1 implementation (RFC2104)
usual/crypto/keccak.hSimple API to Keccak1600 permutation + sponge
usual/crypto/keccak_prng.hImplements PRNG mode for Keccak sponge function
usual/crypto/md5.hMD5 cryptographic hash
usual/crypto/sha1.hSHA1 implementation
usual/crypto/sha256.hSHA256 and SHA224 cryptographic hashes
usual/crypto/sha3.hSHA3 variants of Keccak
usual/crypto/sha512.hSHA512 and SHA384 cryptographic hashes
usual/hashing/crc32.hCRC32 checksum
usual/hashing/lookup3.hJenkins' lookup3 non-cryptographic hash
usual/hashing/memhash.hRandomized in-memory hashing
usual/hashing/spooky.hJenkins SpookyHash V2 - fast hash for 64-bit CPUs
usual/hashing/xxhash.hXxHash - fast hash for 32-bit cpu's