libusual  0.1
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
AANodeTree node
AATreeTree header, for storing helper functions
Bitmap256Bitmap of 256 bits
CfContextTop-level config information
CfKeyParameter description
CfLookupLookup entry for CF_LOOKUP table
CfOpsCallbacks for setting and getting a variable value
CfSectSection description
CfValueHelper structure for passing key info to CfOps
ChaChaChaCha state
CxMemMemory allocation context
CxOpsOps for allocator that takes context
DigestInfoAlgoright info
eventEvent structure for internal event loop
gaicbRequest data for getaddrinfo_a()
HashItemHashTab slot
HashTabSingle HashTab segment
JsonContextAllocation context
JsonValueJson value
KeccakContextKeccak state structure for all modes
KeccakPRNGState structure
ListStructure for both list nodes and heads
MappedFileInfo about mapped file
MBufMBuf structure
md5_ctxMD5 state
optionLong option description
PStrPooled String
regex_tCompiled regex
regmatch_tMatch location
sha1_ctxSHA1 state
sha256_ctxState structure for both SHA256 and SHA224
SHA3ContextState structure
sha512_ctxState structure for both SHA512 and SHA384
SHListList node/head
StatListHeader structure for StatList