Here are few demos showing how to use both Libusual and Antimake in various scenarios. If you wonder why there is so many of them, the reason is that these demos are also used as regressions tests for various functionality. (Thus, temos)

They are ordered in ascending complexity, so pick first one if you want simplest overview.

Reference Documentation

Using Antimake

Using libusual

  • libusual1 - Local libusual: Linking against libusual.a with plain Make

  • libusual2 - Local libusual: Embedding libusual modules with/witout Antimake

  • libusual3 - Local libusual: Using top-level autoconf with Antimake

  • libusual4 - Installed libusual: Plain make

  • libusual5 - Installed libusual: Antimake

  • libusual6 - Installed libusual: Autoconf